25 de abril de 2011

Gio Black Peter - Revolving Door (CENSURADO!)

Gio Black Peter - Revolving Door music video directed by Bruce LaBruce. Censored Version from gio black peter on Vimeo.

Me alegro de haber podido ver al menos durante un par de días el vídeo íntegro (en todos los sentidos de la palabra) ...


Nota: finalmente, puedes ver el vídeo entero en la web del artista insertando una contraseña que él mismo ofrece:

Genial la nota de GBP:

"This morning I woke up to find my new music video REVOLVING DOOR (New FUCK New York) dir by Bruce LaBruce was deleted from my Vimeo account followed by this perfectly civil computer generated response:

Dear gio black peter:
Your video 'Gio Black Peter - Revolving Door (New Fuck New York)' has been removed for violating the Upload Rules of Vimeo.com: Vimeo does not allow pornography or sexually explicit material. If you believe this was an error, please reply to this email in a civil manner with your reasoning ("I see other people do it" is not a valid reason).
Regards, Vimeo

There is nothing civilized in condemning nudity or sex. The most natural thing in the universe. If my video would have been a horrific scene from an unjustified war or a shitty hollywood film glorifying violence then there would not have been a problem. We are ok with watching youtube videos of morons casually beating each other to a pulp but we are STILL not ok with SEX? This is why It it important that we who are mentally freed from religious and conservative oppresion challenge the system in any way possible. It is just a video now but if this continues as it has been you will find yourself with less and less civil liberties. x gbp

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El norte desaparecido dijo...

Un gran videoclip. Transgresor y con una buena musica.