30 de marzo de 2011

Gio Black Peter

Gio Black Peter

"Gio Black Peter (born Giovani Andrade Paolo Guevara. Guatemala City, Guatemala) is performance artist as well as an ardent visual artist. He examines text and subject, believability and fakery, authority and multiplicity.

His psychosexual events, which act as a slap in the face of social convention, quickly turned him into one of the young artists who participate in today's dialogue regarding the new reality (the falling apart of the high profile white box presentation and the desire to bring art closer to the people).

At the core of Black Peter's thinking lies the idea that the life of art is dependent upon the willingness of the viewer to suspend his/her orientation and play both in the believability of lies and falsehoods appearing true-to-life.

Familiarity and seductive appearance keep the viewer returning to his art, which poses doubt and reflection at its core. The artist carefully uses selected formats, techniques and images, some of which were generated by advertising and entertainment agencies for their efficaciousness and uses them to participate in a system of manipulation.

The moment the viewers experience attraction to the art, they too are implicated. While the original purpose of the mass images is to sentimentalize, glamorize, and capture and thereby close-off the experience from question, Black Peter represents this information so as to reveal the fake and redirect the examination to his agenda".

Gio Black Peter. Chimery.
Gio Black Peter. Front-back.
Gio Black Peter. BLACK EYE.
Gio Black Peter. Goodbye Crocodile Boy, 2001.
Gio Black Peter. Untitled, 2008.
Gio Black Peter. Untitled, 2008.
Gio Black Peter. THERE'S MY BABY, 2008.
Gio Black Peter. Deconstruction Castle.
Gio Black Peter. Guerrillero.
Gio Black Peter. WWJD, 2008.

Gio Black Peter. Michael Phelps needs my help, 2008.
Gio Black Peter. Pouty face, 2008.
Gio Black Peter. Dove of hope, 2009.
Gio Black Peter. Kiss, 2009.
Gio Black Peter. Eyes on the Prize, 2009.
Gio Black Peter. Love & Marriage, 2009.

Gio Black Peter. Baby Britain, 2010.
Gio Black Peter. Boy From NYC, 2010.
Gio Black Peter. Destroyer, 2010.
Gio Black Peter. Idle Hands, 2010.
Gio Black Peter. Kiss Here, 2010.
Gio Black Peter. Olivers Breath, 2010.
Gio Black Peter. Jalapeño Christ.
Gio Black Peter. The O.T.K. Paddle (2009)
Gio Black Peter. Faces of piss, 2010.
Gio Black Peter. Pocket Full Of Posies.

Gio Black Peter. TEENAGE HANGMAN, 2010.
Gio Black Peter. GAME OVER, 2010.
Gio Black Peter. Touch you dirty
Gio Black Peter. KNEE DEEP, 2010.
Gio Black Peter. LAKE OF FIRE, 2010.
Gio Black Peter. THE END, 2010.

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ANTON dijo...

Sabes encontré tu blog de pura casualidad y me encanto este post habla de un artista de mi país que ni siquiera conocía obviamente el vive ahora en New York pero es interesante saber de personas de Guatemala que están perdidas por el mundo haciendo arte me encanto y tu blog igual si quieres pásate por el mio me dedico a la fotografía a la moda y a todo el arte en general tal vez algún día me publiques en tu blog saludos.